Media Buying

How confident are you to trust your advertising dollars with sales people trained in the art of persuasion? When was the last time you met with a salesperson that took the time to learn about your business before beginning their sales pitch?

Does it seem ironic to you that most media / advertising salespeople you meet have the best product available…the one product or service that will single-handedly have people lining up outside your businesses doors waiting to purchase your goods?

Have you ever felt coaxed into a purchase or an agreement by a salesperson and later found that their product ended up driving no new customers into your business?

We take media buying and planning very seriously. Our media buying team prides itself on staying on top of industry trends, both online and traditional methods to provide clients with a media plan that actually makes dollars and cents.

Coming directly from the world of print publishing, we understand the pressure and quotas placed on the salesperson to generate revenue for their corporation. Citywide is here to provide a price negotiation advantage in your media buying.

Let us analyze your company’s media plan with a complimentary phone consultation today!