About us


Citywide Media, Inc. provide a full spectrum of branding and marketing solutions to our clients. Our clients are able to realize their business goals by utilizing our local and global marketing plans and services, customized just for them.

We have an ingrained knowledge of the Asian American culture and tradition because we are one. In addition, as one of the biggest Asian American publishers of four major real estate ad magazines: Home Reader, Housefinder, Realty Window, and Populace, all complete with interactive websites, online listings as well as search features, we have earned our reputation of excellence in print ad publishing industry.

Since Asian-Americans are one of the most affluent demographic segments in the United States, their taste for affluent lifestyles comes naturally. Feeling the pulse of our market, Citywide Media, Inc. launched several more magazines in 2006: Metro Asian Food; targeting gourmet food lovers, Vacation Express; focusing on vacationers with enough spending power, and Health & Education; for the educated and health-conscious Asian-Americans.

In all the above instances, you can witness our proactive, creative, professional and committed approach to branding and honing our marketplace, which has enabled us to stay ahead of our competitors.