Posted August 4, 2009

Citywide Media, Inc. issues seven magazines every month. We have “Metro Asian Food”,”Today NYC”,”21 Century Business Insights “,”House Finder”,”Populace”,”Realty Window”,”Home Reader”, Etc. Citywide Media has a thorough knowledge of the Asian American tradition and culture.



Through culturally relevant branding, meticulous marketing plans, highly visible online promotions, successful public relation campaigns, and media launches, we help our clients thrive in these challenging times. Our philosophy is, “when our clients succeed, so do we,” and it works every time.

We are also experts at transforming our clients’ marketing needs, whether big or small, into powerful campaigns by utilizing our in-house team of professionals with years of experience.

With our one-client one-team approach where dedicated in-house teams will be there to meet your every need, you will never have to deal with a mix bag of outsourced firms who never give you the priority, dedication, and attention that you deserve.

Creative, Worldwide, Motivated


Citywide Media, Inc. is an integrated communication agency for mainstream businesses of all sizes, specifically catering to the ever-growing Asian American market.